About Local Government Directory

Primary objective of Local Government directory is to facilitate State Departments to update the directory with newly formed panchayats/local bodies,re-organization in panchayats, conversion from Rural to Urban area etc and provide the same info in public domain.

Key Features of Local Government Directory:

  • Generation of unique code for each local government body - each local government body is assigned with a unique code.
  • Maintenance of local government bodies and its mapping with constituting land region entities. For ex. gram panchayat mapping with villages.
  • Facilitate to maintain State-wide General Election and By Election Process.
  • Mandatory upload of Govt. order for each modification in the directory - to ascertain the users that the data published in LGD is authentic.
  • Maintenance of historical data - when modifications take place in LGD, the old values/data is archived.
  • Provision to maintain state specific local government setup.
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