About Area Profiler

Area Profiler envisages facilitating the Local Governments Bodies to manage their socio-economic information, demographical information, public infrastructure and amenities, election and elected representatives and other officials working in Local Governments effectively with proper records to facilitate tracking process subsequently. It will act as a centralized database and the information would be available to other e-PRI applications for effective use. The main features of Area Profiler application are :-

  • Facilitates to Local Govt. Bodies to Record and maintain socio-economic, Public Infrastructure, Tourist Places and Neighbouring local bodies details.
  • Facilitate to Maintain Family Register for each Village Panchayat and helps to track the Demographic Condition based on many important Parameters.
  • Facilitate to maintain State-wide General Election and By Election Process.
  • Facilitate to record and maintain the BSLLD Datasets Proposed by MoSPI.
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