About Action Soft

ActionSoft is one of the modules of Panchayat Enterprise Suite(PES) being prepared as a part of ePanchayat Mission Mode Project (http://ePanchayat.gov.in). It aims at monitoring and keeping record of the progress of the works being undertaken as part of the finally approved plans(Action Plan) of various ULB, RLB and Line departments as available in PlanPlus (http://planningOnline.gov.in). It facilitates proper recording of the Financial and Physical progress of the works. It will act as a tool to support the monitoring of the status and the expenditure incurred in works undertaken under various central and state schemes by various governments.

  • Works in collaboration with PlanPlus (http://Planningonline.gov.in)
  • Captures the work execution flow
  • Facilitates decentralized reporting of progress of work execution
  • Converges and keeps track of the flow of funds from different sources during implementation
  • Converges the rural and urban plan units to report the physical and financial progress of works
  • Brings about total transparency in the reporting of physical and financial progress
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